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SAP on Mac Os

If you are searching on Sapscripts, Form painter, Smartforms, or any other GUI related doubts, you can read out the forum to get all the relevant information when you trying SAP on MAC.

These information are available for you till a new version on mac os is released with SAPGUI Form Painter Support Especially.

Kind of following points are supported by the SAPGUI for Windows Platform, but which are not yet available for the SAPGUI for the Java Environment…


  • Office-Integration, such as integration of frontend office applications (like Word, Excel and so on) into SAP transactions is not available.
  • Some ActiveX-controls part of SAP GUI for Windows used for special purposes are not available as JavaBean in SAP GUI for Java, for example
  • SAPscript, New ABAP editor, Search Help Control is not supported (the old style F4 help window is used instead, offering the same functionality).
  • CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES: Some methods of this class are not functional using SAP GUI for Java because they are not appropriate for a Java application (like “current directory”), required resources (like the Windows Registry) or Java APIs are not available.
  • Graphical Screen Painter is not available. The alphanumeric layout editor is supported.
  • Gantt (ABAP class CL_GUI_BARCHART) and Net (ABAP class CL_GUI_NETCHART) Graphics are not available as in SAP GUI for Windows, where these components are available as ActiveX controls.
  • Graphics Add-ons and GMUX are no longer part of SAP GUI for Java.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts are not displayed in tooltip text for buttons in the application toolbar. All currently available keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the menu-bar and function key popup menu.
  • Archive Link Viewer support is not yet fully integrated into the GUI. Currently, it is only possible to control external viewers by means of WS_EXECUTE calls.
  • Front-End Printing needs to be done using access method ‘G’, the new printing architecture for all platforms supported by SAP GUI for Java. See SAP Note 821519 for details.
  • eCATT is not supported.
  • Localization of GUI texts is not supported. All GUI texts (for example, logon window, options menu) are in English in this release.
  • Status Bar does not show a progress bar yet (text and percentage is shown).
  • Chart Control: copy/paste is not yet available.
  • Writing Systems: Languages requiring bidirectional text input/output are not supported.
  • Transaction Classification: For information, on whether a specific transaction can be used with SAP GUI for Java, refer to the transaction classification (transaction SE93).

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